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Carisam has built a loyal and distinguished following of customers by providing an exclusive portfolio of products to some of the most discerning clients found anywhere in the world. Carisam is the authorized distributor of all products we offer. There are no middle men. Directly from manufacturers, to you, our customers!

Today, the company services majority of the global cruise vessels, cargo ships and the diplomatic corps based in the USA.

Carisam partners with some of the best and exclusive companies from around the world. Partner brands represent various...

Exclusive Shopping for Elite Members

Carisam’s Diplomatic Duty Free Shop @South Lobby (DDFS) in Downtown Washington, DC offers a discreet and personalized shopping experience stocked with unique collections of high-end gifts and accessories from some of the world’s finest brands.

Location: Carisam's Diplomatic Duty Free Shop Address: 1818 N St. NW., South Lobby Suite #101, Washington DC 20036 Phone: (202) 466-8524

Becoming an Elite @South Lobby Member gives you access to many benefits, exclusive offers, and shopping perks at our discreet location in Washington DC. To register, please click here.

Advanced Preview & Online Ordering

Carisam’s Annual Diplomatic Duty-Free Catalog was designed to give diplomats and qualifying political personnel the ability to place orders as well as schedule a pick up at our Diplomatic Duty Free Shop in Washington DC (DDFS) for added convenience. To request a pick up, visit the @South Lobby (DDFS) section on the Carisam website and select your items online for your convenience. Our associates will ensure the items are beautifully packed next time you are in Washington, DC.

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